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Sunday, September 4, 2016

"Slap me and call me stupid"

     That was the title of our sermon this morning. Slap me and call me stupid. Our pastors son had picked up a saying when he was younger and said it to him and the pastor "slapped him, and called him stupid." HA!
 He never said that to his dad again.
      I so can apply that to my life today. I just do something so stupid and am thinking ugh I wish someone was here to just slap me.
      Well lets get to it,why this saying applies to my life and most certainly the last 4 plus years.
 I have epilepsy and have moved to Washington recently. I now am dealing with new drs,  praying I will be able to drive again one day, I am feeling positive about this because I am seeing an actual epileptoligist.
        I have been praying about seeing  these doctors to help me get better when I should of been praying for the BIG MAN to HEAL me.
        I can use my essential oils all I want but without prayer, I wont know what oils are actually meant to go inside my body. These oils are powerful.  The name says it all, (Latin)  Doterra, meaning A GIFT FROM THE EARTH, a gift from the Creator.

                                                    goodnight all...linds

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