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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Oh you know....

Oh my goodness, there's been so much going on this past month. I'm pretty proud of myself for majority of the time holding myself together. I had to stay home from conference and I totally disconnected myself. First I have been so tired lately. School started and it's a big transition for Eli. Exciting days however they are long days. We are looking at homes to purchase because of our lease will be up in 7 months or so. Isn't that fun. We don't want to live on top of another house at least an acre. I can't stand seeing in my neighbors window. Oh did I mention we found out I am pregnant? (That's why I stayed home because of traveling) Yup. I sure am. I wasn't going to announce this early but I'm almost 6 weeks. We were going to try to surprise but well you know....Totally unplanned, but getting more and more excited everyday. I had my first official appointment yesterday. My first sonogram is scheduled for October 10. Jeremiah is estatic. Mckenzie, well let's just say she says I love your baby every day. "Eli will kick it if it's a girl"
So anyway, just pray for a healthy pregnancy and baby. Lots of stuff coming up. Skylar is doing great at school. Lavender oil filling the air or rolled behind my ears,because if I didn't have that going I think it would be an actual Nut house 😂 goodness sake. What a beautiful surprise we got 💕

5 weeks 5 days

My oil of choice for stressful

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