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Thursday, September 15, 2016

And then 1

Ok okay. I'm pretty awesome at getting 3 kids going. Make their lunches,breakfast and occasionally a oops get in the tub because we forgot the night before. I'm thinking holy moly what am I going to do 😜 pray this baby sleeps and my other 3 don't wake it with their shananagans. This was my morning. And then a phone call from my husband who humored me saying your tired? Oh no, growing a human is easy peasy honey.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Oh you know....

Oh my goodness, there's been so much going on this past month. I'm pretty proud of myself for majority of the time holding myself together. I had to stay home from conference and I totally disconnected myself. First I have been so tired lately. School started and it's a big transition for Eli. Exciting days however they are long days. We are looking at homes to purchase because of our lease will be up in 7 months or so. Isn't that fun. We don't want to live on top of another house at least an acre. I can't stand seeing in my neighbors window. Oh did I mention we found out I am pregnant? (That's why I stayed home because of traveling) Yup. I sure am. I wasn't going to announce this early but I'm almost 6 weeks. We were going to try to surprise but well you know....Totally unplanned, but getting more and more excited everyday. I had my first official appointment yesterday. My first sonogram is scheduled for October 10. Jeremiah is estatic. Mckenzie, well let's just say she says I love your baby every day. "Eli will kick it if it's a girl"
So anyway, just pray for a healthy pregnancy and baby. Lots of stuff coming up. Skylar is doing great at school. Lavender oil filling the air or rolled behind my ears,because if I didn't have that going I think it would be an actual Nut house πŸ˜‚ goodness sake. What a beautiful surprise we got πŸ’•

5 weeks 5 days

My oil of choice for stressful

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

New beginnings.

Today was Elijah's first day of  school. I am so happy Mckenzie goes with him. She said she will show him where to go to eat and where the bathroom is ect. He is her shadow. He did so well and told me he sat by a gurl and doesn't like the boy in the red shirt. I think about Eli going to school with all these big kids and it doesn't really scare me like some moms. I know this boy is strong and bold. He stands up for what is right and I am proud of that. My big Elijah Bear, my how you have grown πŸ’™

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

saying no.

      Saying no, oh wow, does no ever cross my mouth? I actually said no one time last week. The bigger one is telling someone why you cannot do something you had already planned on doing. You are not able to do something because of health reasons. Saying this is not good for me. Being in tears everynight because of something going on in your life. Yes, this is going to be an awkward conversation, I will be having whether I like it or not. I have alot going on and coming up in my immediate week. Praying for the ability to hold my head high and be fearless. I know I will be able to because I am a strong woman.
          if you read my last blog ...... console was good to me lol 
                                           fresh eyes,

Console me please.

My emotions are all over the place. I had a wonderful zoom chat with my team this morning and was on a rock the house high. Don't get me wrong I still have that passion, just when you get a reminder on your phone for an appointment and had canceled it, you call your husband and he thinks you can tell the receptionist what time you can come in this week. The heck?!!!! Seriously. This is why I get upset and radical about not having a license. So many people take their health for granted and it kills me. I'm so mad. I'm allowed to be. Some of my friends that have known me may think I need to "get over it" until you have your freedom taken away for over 3 years don't tell me get a bicycle or take a taxi. Let me tell you something, I know that life could be worse but some days I have the right to feel sad. I'm allowed to play the "epilepsy sucks" card. Today is one of those days. I'm playing that card because I CAN and unless you have walked a year in my shoes, don't tell me I can't. I need some console oil for real.
           -emotional wreck

Sunday, September 4, 2016

"Slap me and call me stupid"

     That was the title of our sermon this morning. Slap me and call me stupid. Our pastors son had picked up a saying when he was younger and said it to him and the pastor "slapped him, and called him stupid." HA!
 He never said that to his dad again.
      I so can apply that to my life today. I just do something so stupid and am thinking ugh I wish someone was here to just slap me.
      Well lets get to it,why this saying applies to my life and most certainly the last 4 plus years.
 I have epilepsy and have moved to Washington recently. I now am dealing with new drs,  praying I will be able to drive again one day, I am feeling positive about this because I am seeing an actual epileptoligist.
        I have been praying about seeing  these doctors to help me get better when I should of been praying for the BIG MAN to HEAL me.
        I can use my essential oils all I want but without prayer, I wont know what oils are actually meant to go inside my body. These oils are powerful.  The name says it all, (Latin)  Doterra, meaning A GIFT FROM THE EARTH, a gift from the Creator.

                                                    goodnight all...linds